This article is about the removed in-game raid boss. For character biography and Warcraft II appearances, see Zul'jin.
Image of Zul'jin
Gender Male
Race Forest troll (Humanoid)
Level ?? Boss
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Zul'Aman
Status Killable

Zul'jin is the leader of the Amani trolls and the final boss of the Zul'Aman instance.


Every time his health drops by 20%, he walks to the center of the platform, switches form, and does a threat wipe. Note that he's immune to Taunt, but Debuffs (and DoTs) remain on him. The use of [Misdirection] is strongly recommended for every phase change.

Phase 1: Troll Form

  • Whirlwind: AoE dealing 3k damage on plate, 6k on leather. 2s cast time.
  • Grievous Throw: 1.5-3.5k initial damage on a random player. DoT deals 2.4k damage every 2s, removed if the affected player has been healed to 100% hp.

Phase 2: Bear Form

  • Creeping Paralysis: Debuff on the entire raid. Deals 4.5k Nature damage after 5.5s, and applies the debuff Paralyzed. Paralyzed players are stunned for 4s. Both debuffs are dispellable magic effects. Rogues, you can use Cloak of Shadows during that 6 second span of the Creeping Paralysis debuff to get to avoid getting stunned.
  • Overpower: 4.6-5.9k on the tank, ~9s cooldown.

Phase 3: Eagle Form

While in Eagle Form, he remains stationary, and doesn't attack.

  • Energy Storm: Debuff on the entire raid causes every character that uses spells to take 1250 Nature damage, can be resisted.
  • Feather Vortex: 4 Feather Vortex spawn, they look like tornados and move around. They deal 1k Nature damage and knock players back if they are touched.

Phase 4: Lynx Form

  • Claw Rage: Zul'jin focuses a random player other than the tank, and hits him 12 times with Claw Rage in about 6s. The first strike deals 500 damage. Every strike applies the stackable debuff Claw Rage, which increases the damage taken by consecutive attacks by 150. Thus, the second hit deals 650, the third 800, and so on. The last hit deals 2150 damage, for a total of 16k. Claw Rage attacks cannot miss, be dodged, parried, or blocked. If the focused player feigns/vanishes/etc, Zul'jin will focus the tank.
  • Lynx Rush: When he uses this ability, he does so 9 times in a row in quick succession. Every attack targets a random player, and deals about 2k damage, further mitigated by armor. The target is chosen completely random; one player might be targeted multiple times in a row (up to 3?), and he can also target the tank. Every player that was attacked also gets the debuff Lynx Hunt, which deals 1.5k damage every 2s over 10s.

Phase 5: Dragonhawk Form

  • Flame Whirl: He gains this buff, rotates for 2sec, then deals 1k Fire damage to the entire raid (partially resistible). This will also apply a stackable debuff that increases Fire damage taken by 50%, which cannot be resisted. 12sec cooldown.
  • Flame Breath: Hits everyone in front of him for 2k Fire damage (partially resistible). 7sec cooldown.
  • Flame Columns: Point Blank AoE cast on a random player (or pet), dealing 900 Fire damage every second for 10 seconds. There may be up to 3 columns at the same time.


Get your whole group up on his platform past the threshold when you start the fight, there's a wall of fire that closes his platform off. The 8 adds don't have many hitpoints and die fast to AoE. The adds are linked to the boss.

Every phase change he does a threat wipe, so be careful with DoTs. He's immune to Taunt, so the tank must quickly gain aggro. Use Mis-direction if possible. When he turns into an Eagle you do not need to worry about the threat list though, as explained below. He changes phases every 20% of his hitpoints. Also, raid members might want to consider changing their gear out for max, or at least more, stamina. Having the mages/priests/healers above 9k health is a lot of help in this fight.

Phase 1

Melees watch out for his whirlwind. Healers react quickly to Grievous Throw. Players only lose this DoT when their health reaches 100%. General methods which make players immune to phsysical damage like Paladin bubbles/Ice Block can work here. The dwarven racial [Stoneform] also removes it. It is not advised to use Healthstones or Healing Potions to remove it because he can hit the same person several times in succession and these will be much more useful in Phase 4.

Phase 2

As soon as he starts this phase you will notice everyone gets a Paralysis debuff. Dispel it off the main tank and yourself, then other healers if time (or the tank doesn't need a heal). DPS etc do not need it dispelled. After 5 seconds of having the debuff, you will take damage and become stunned, assign someone to top people off before the next. He can hit decently hard, so keep the tank topped. Uses overpower on the tank.

Two tactics exist to cleanse the debuff. Either have the raid stack, and use Mass Dispel to cleanse the entire raid of the debuff, or just dispel the MT and a healer or two of the debuff.

  • Note: Being killed by Paralysis counts as suicide so you won't suffer durability loss.

Phase 3

The tornados have a fixed algorithm of movement, they'll move to one person, hit them once, and start moving towards another person.

The best way to avoid this is to leave your two best melee dps hitting the boss, and the other members go to the corners of the room, two at the sides of the entrance, two on the left side on each corner, two on the right side on each corner, and two on the bottom of the stairs where Zul'jin is standing, leave a healer at one side of the entrance and one on each side of the room, so each healer will have line of sight of at least six members of the raid, this will minimize the damage taken by the tornados.

The tornados knock you back and deal around 1k damage. If you are a caster (yes healers included) every time you cast you will get hit for about 1250 damage. Heal over time spells really make this phase much easier. Melee need to try and burn him down as quick as they can, as they get no punishment for doing damage. Use bandages. Casters use wands and regenerate mana for the next phases. Hunters may use Arcane Shot, Steady Shot, Multi Shot, Aimed Shot, and Serpent Sting. Hunters will take damage from using Feign Death, Rapid Fire, and switching Aspects. Hunters are important for doing lots of damage during this phase. It is recommended that hunters use Rapid Fire on this phase, even though you will take damage, as a good use of Rapid Fire can really be helpful.

Retribution Paladins can use Crusader Strike without taking damage. Spells with a base mana cost of 0 such as Desperate Prayer, Inner Focus, and Starshards will not cause damage to the caster.

Warlocks can use Shadow Bolts timed in conjunction with Drain Life to nullify the repercussion from casting and maintain DPS. With healing assistance you can get all your DoTs off and take minimal damage.

It's worth mentioning that casters can follow a spell with a casting time by an instant casting spell without getting hit twice by the tornadoes. For example, a druid can cast rejuvenation right after casting regrowth (not necessarily on the same target) and just get hit once.

Phase 4

Lynx form he melees fairly weak on the tank. He also will use Claw Rage on a random player in the raid and melee them. Claw Rage is the deadliest ability of this fight Zul'jin will turn towards a player and pause for a second then starts to hit that player several times increasing damage and attack speed every hit doing a lot of damage in a short time. Intervene near the end of the phase (9-11 stacks) to help out cloth wearers. Healers must use fast spells or instant spells, lag can make suvival problematic here. Announce Vanish/Divine Shield/etc to the raid, so healers know that he will change back to the tank. Healers take good care of Lynx Rush victims, as everyone should be topped for the next Claw Rage. He will stop claw rage on the target if the target uses [Ice Block], [Divine Shield], [Blessing of Protection], [Vanish], [Feign Death] and will return to his default highest threat target. The dwarf racial [Stoneform] can also help mitigate the damage. Druids should use [Barkskin] and can try to turn into Bear Form if they are fast enough although that limits them from using potions. Everyone needs to be on their toes to stay alive, he's very fast, and your health can drop quickly. Keep Healthstones/potions ready.

Healers may find the following macro useful in the Lynx phase. It will quickly find Zul'jin's target and cast your fast heal on them. Hit this macro as soon as you see him turn to go after a raid member. Replace Regrowth with your appropriate fast heal spell (ie: Flash of Light, Flash Heal, Lesser Healing Wave).

/target Zul'jin
/cast Regrowth

Phase 5

Everyone will get a buffet like debuff every so often, increasing fire damage taken. He will choose random people throughout the raid and place a beam of fire on them. They may take lots of damage due to the debuff, so move out of these beams ASAP. It's a simple phase if people are good at staying out of void zones. Spread out so only one person is hit at the same time. Flame Breath will hit the tank for more and more fire damage due to the debuff, so DPS him down as fast as you can. The tank needs to build threat fast, but also stay focused to move out of the beams quickly. Melee stay in his back to avoid getting hit by Flame Breath.



  • Everybody always wanna take from us. Now we gonna start takin' back. Anybody who get in our way...gonna drown in their own blood! De Amani empire be back now...seekin' vengeance. And we gonna start...with you!


  • Nobody badduh dan me!

Transforms into Bear:

  • Got me some new me bruddah bear!

Transforms into Lynx:

  • Let me introduce to you my new bruddahs: fang and claw!

Transforms into Eagle:

  • Dere be no hidin' from da eagle!

Transforms into Dragonhawk:

  • Ya don' have to look to da sky to see da dragonhawk!

Dragonhawk Fire Breath:

  • Fire kill you just as quick!

Killing a player:

  • Da Amani de chuka!
  • Lot more gonna fall like you!


  • You too slow! Me too strong!


  • Mebbe me fall...but da Amani empire...never gonna die...

Patch 2.3 Trailer

"Dis was our land. TROLL land. We Amani was here before anyone! Da' elves and dere Alliance came to drive us out. But we never give up. We never forget...

Da' elves took my eye. I cut off my own arm to escape 'dem... and now, 'de fight alongside da' HORDE!? I SPIT on da' Horde! I hate you, I hate you all... But I got a surprise for ya' now, so come on in...

De' Amani never give up! We never forget. We never die. 'Dis is our land: you wanna stay, you stay here forever! We gonna bury you here."


Zul'jin Loot
Inv trinket naxxramas05.png [Ancient Aqir Artifact] Inv weapon bow 32.png [Ancient Amani Longbow]
Racial troll berserk.png [Berserker's Call] Inv sword 109.png [Blade of Twisted Visions]
Inv chest plate 22.png [Chestguard of the Warlord] Inv axe 84.png [Cleaver of the Unforgiving]
Inv staff 64.png [Dark Blessing] Inv helmet 116.png [Grimgrin Faceguard]
Inv chest mail 05.png [Hauberk of the Empire's Champion] Inv sword 108.png [Jin'rohk, The Great Apocalypse]
Inv jewelry necklace 04.png [Loop of Cursed Bones] Inv boots fabric 01.png [Two-Toed Sandals]
Inv potion 20.png [Blood of Zul'jin]
3 X
Spell holy championsbond.png [Badge of Justice]

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