HordeZunta, The Pet Tamer
Start Varzok [52.6, 59.2]
End Zunta [44.1, 28.9]
Level 1-60 (Requires 1)
Type Account
Category Battle Pets
Experience 80
Rewards  [Sack of Pet Supplies]
19g 40s
Previous H [1-60] Varzok
Next H [1-60] Dagra the Fierce
For the Alliance version of this quest, see A [1-60] Julia, The Pet Tamer.


Defeat Zunta in a pet battle.

  • Defeat Zunta


I can tell you have been honing your pet skills, <name>. I think it's time for you to take on a real challenge.

Zunta can be found near the Tor'kren Farm south of Orgrimmar. He is an up and coming wild pet tamer and I think it's time you faced him in battle!


You will receive: 19g 40s

Inv misc bag cenarionherbbag.png [Sack of Pet Supplies]


Ah, Varzok. Yes, I know him well. He be makin' no mistake in sendin' you here.



On speaking with Zunta:

Gossip Think you can take me in a pet battle? Let's fight!

He has two level 2 pets: Spike and Mumtar.

Spike: Beast type -- [Claw], [Screech], [Triple Snap]
Mumtar: Critter type -- [Scratch], [Hiss], [Swarm]

On Zunta's defeat:

Zunta says: Why you so mean to Zunta, eh?


  1. A [1-60] Audrey Burnhep / H [1-60] Varzok
  2. A [1-60] Julia, The Pet Tamer / H [1-60] Zunta, The Pet Tamer
  3. A [1-60] Old MacDonald / H [1-60] Dagra the Fierce
  4. A [1-60] Lindsay / H [1-60] Analynn
  5. A [1-60] Eric Davidson / H [1-60] Zonya the Sadist
  6. A [1-60] Steven Lisbane / H [1-60] Merda Stronghoof
  7. A [1-60] Bill Buckler / H [1-60] Cassandra Kaboom
  8. B [1-60] A Tamer's Homecoming
  9. B [1-60] Battle Pet Tamers: Eastern Kingdoms & B [1-60] Battle Pet Tamers: Kalimdor
  10. N [1-60] Grand Master Lydia Accoste & N [1-60] Grand Master Trixxy
  11. B [1-60] The Returning Champion / B [1-60] The Returning Champion
  12. B [1-60] Battle Pet Tamers: Outland
  13. N [1-60] Grand Master Antari
  14. B [1-60] Exceeding Expectations
  15. B [1-60] Battle Pet Tamers: Northrend
  16. N [1-60] Grand Master Payne
  17. B [1-60] A Brief Reprieve
  18. B [1-60] Battle Pet Tamers: Cataclysm
  19. N [1-60] Grand Master Obalis
  20. B [1-60] The Triumphant Return
  21. B [1-60] Battle Pet Tamers: Pandaria
  22. N [1-60] Grand Master Aki

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