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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

For most of his life, the goblin engineer Zykos "Goldknuckle" Gazzo has been obsessed with mad schemes around technology. He believes technology can do anything. Like most goblins, the primary reason for his interest is the acquisition of wealth. Some years ago, he became convinced that he had discovered a technological key to unlimited riches. He has spent most of his career struggling to refine his processes, meeting with failure every time. With each attempt, he has built larger and larger devices, hoping perhaps that a larger scale would permit success, and paying no heed to the increasing dangerousness and instability of his devices.

Finally, Goldknuckle has decided that he has designed the proper specifications for the device that will make him wealthy beyond compare. The next step was to find someplace secret where he could build it.

Goldknuckle constructed a facility in the deep mountains of the Hinterlands, in the process — ignorant of how his labors could attract the attention he sought to avoid — cutting down trees and digging into the earth for resources he needed without regard to the balance of nature in the area. This activity draws the attention of a few druids and Wildhammers, but the scale is currently too small for them to spend their efforts opposing the goblin. His efforts also stirred up and annoyed the elementals in the area.

Once Goldknuckle finished his hideout, he began work on his greatest invention — a device he calls the World Tweaker. The device, he knows, will allow him to become the wealthiest goblin on Azeroth.

To achieve this goal, he intends to activate his world tweaker and change all the gold in the world into copper — all the gold except that stored in his private vault, of course. Once he does this, Zykos intends to emerge, declare himself ruler of the world, and order the other races to do his bidding. The first to suffer will be his rivals who think him mad. He'll show them the true power of technology. Oh, yes!

Of course, Goldknuckle is completely insane. His device has no chance of achieving his goals. It does have an excellent chance of exploding, however, but Goldknuckle doesn't care.[1]


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